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University Name University of Kent
Dept./School Kent Law School  肯特法律系
Tuition Fee  
Entry Requirement  
本科课程(BA/BSc) LLB European Legal Studies  欧洲法律研究
LLB English and French Law 
LLB English and German Law
LLB English and Spanish Law
LLB English and Italian Law

Joint Honours Programmes 联合学位课程:
BA Hons Law and Psychology
BA Hons Accounting & Finance and Law
BA Hons Law and English Literature
研究生课程 (MA/MSc) LLM in Criminal Justice
LLM in Environmental Law and Policy
LLM in International Environmental Law
LLM in European Law
LLM in International Commercial Law
LLM in International Criminal Justice
LLM in International Law with International Relations
LLM in Medical Law and Ethics
LLM in Public International Law

Combined Title LLM
LLM in Law
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