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University Name

University of Exeter 埃克塞特大学

Dept./School Business School 商学院

The University of Exeter Business School is a leading UK business school placed firmly in the top 20 for research quality and ranked first for student satisfaction for the past four years. Our mission is to provide outstanding and innovative business education, research and engagement with society.

Tuition Fee 2010/11  UG: 12,200   PG: 12,200-14,500
Entry Requirement 内容区域
本科课程(BA/BSc) BA     Accounting and Finance                               会计与金融
BA     Accounting with Leadership                        会计与领导方式
BA     Business and Accounting                            商业与会计
BA     Business Economics                                   商业经济
BA     Economics                                                      经济
BA     Economics with Econometrics                   经济学与计量经济学
BA     Economics and Finance                              经济与金融
BA     Economics and Politics                                经济与政治
BA     Business and Management                        商业与管理
BSc   IT Management for Business                      商业IT管理
BA     Leadership and Politics                                领导与政治
BA     Management with Leadership                     领导力与管理
BA     Management with Marketing                        管理与市场学
BA     Management with Tourism                           旅游与管理
研究生课程 (MA/MSc)

MSc   Economics                                                        经济学
MSc   Economics and Econometrics                     经济学与计量经济学
MSc   Economics and Experimental Economics 经济学与实验经济学
MSc   Financial Economics                                       金融经济学
MSc   Money and Banking                                         货币银行学
MSc   Accounting and Finance                                 会计与金融(2010财会单科排名第二)
MSc   Financial Analysis and Fund Management 金融分析与基金管理
MSc   Finance and Investment                                 金融与投资
MSc   Finance and Management                             金融与管理
MSc   Marketing and Financial Services                 市场学与金融服务
MSc   Financial Mathematics                                    金融数学
MSc   Marketing                                                            市场学


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