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University Name
Unviersity of Kent
Dept./School School of Arts

School of Arts is ranked as one of the two best departments in the country in terms of 'research power', for the quality of the research of its staff working at a world leading level.
Tuition Fee  
Entry Requirement  
本科课程(BA/BSc) Single Honours 单学位课程:
MDrama in Theatre Studies 戏剧研究

Joint Honours 双学位课程:
BA (Hons) in Drama and Classical & Archaeological Studies  戏剧与古典和考古研究
BA (Hons) in Drama and Comparative Literary Studies  戏剧与比较文学研究
BA (Hons) in Drama and English and American Literature  戏剧与英国和美国文学
BA (Hons) in Drama and  European Studies  戏剧与欧洲研究
BA (Hons) in Drama and Film Studies  戏剧与电影研究
BA (Hons) in Drama and French  戏剧与法语
BA (Hons) in Drama and Hispanic Studies  戏剧与西班牙语研究
BA (Hons) in Drama and History  戏剧与历史
BA (Hons) in Drama and Italian  戏剧与意大利语
BA (Hons) in Drama and Philosophy  戏剧与心理学
研究生课程 (MA/MSc) Taught Programmes 授课式课程:
MA Performance Practice  表演实践
MA European Theatre  欧洲戏剧
MA Theatre Dramaturgy  戏剧作法
MA Film Studies  电影研究

Research Programmes 研究式课程:
MA Research Drama  戏剧研究文学硕士
MA Practice as Research Drama 戏剧研究实践文学硕士
MPhil Research Drama  戏剧研究哲学硕士
MPhil Practice as Research Drama  戏剧研究实践哲学硕士
MA Research Film 电影研究文学硕士
MA Practice as Research Film 电影研究实践文学硕士
MPhil Research Film  电影研究哲学硕士
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