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University Name Birmingham City University   伯明翰城市大学

 Birmingham Institutes of Arts and Design 伯明翰艺术与设计院

As a faculty of Birmingham City University, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD) is one of the largest and most prestigious institutes of art, architecture and design education in the United Kingdom. With a history that dates back to 1843, BIAD offers a comprehensive portfolio of courses for almost 4,000 students at all levels, from further education to higher research.

Tuition Fee 2009/10

UG: £8950 / PG: £9550

Entry Requirement Ielts 6.0
本科课程(BA/BSc) Animation/ Animation for Games Design 动画/游戏动画设计
Architecture 建筑学
Design Management Strategies 设计管理策略
Design Studies 设计研究
Fashion Design 时装设计
Fashion Retail Management 时装零售管理
Fine Art 美术
Interior Design 室内装潢设计
Interior Products 室内装潢产业
Jewellery & Silversmithing 首饰与银器
Jewellery & Silversmithing - Design for Industry 首饰与银器-工业设计
Landscape Architecture 园艺建筑
Product Design 产品设计
Textile Design 纺织品设计
Theatre, Performance and Event Design 戏剧,表演和事件活动设计
Visual Arts by Negotiated Study 协商研究视觉艺术
Visual Communication 视觉传达
研究生课程 (MA/MSc) Art and Education 艺术与教育
Art, Health & Well-being 艺术,健康和幸福
Art Practice and Education 艺术实践和教育
Architecture 建筑学
Architectural Practice 建筑实践
Architectural Practice Administration  建筑实践管理
Architectural Studies  建筑研究
Contemporary Curatorial Practice  当代策展实践
Design Management 设计管理
Design & Visualisation 设计与视觉
Digital Arts in Performance 数字表演艺术
Fashion Media 时尚媒体
Fashion Promotion 时尚推广
Fashion Styling 时装风格
Fine Art 美术
History of Art & Design 艺术与设计史
Interior Design  室内装潢设计
Jewellery, Silversmithing & Related Products 首饰,银器与相关产品
Landscape Architecture  园艺建筑
Landscape Studies 景观研究
Photography: Documentary Practice (Subject to Approval)  摄影,记录片实践(须经认可)
Product Design 产品设计
Queer Studies in Arts & Culture 艺术与文化的疑点研究
Television and Interactive Content  电视和交互的内容
Textiles, Fashion & Surface Design  纺织品,时装与外观设计
Visual Communication  视觉传达
Urban Design 城市设计
Rachel Deeming的作品
Rachel Deeming
织物设计-刺绣Textile Design - Embroidery
织物设计-织物印刷Textile Design - Printed Textiles
Emma Shipley

Emma Shipley


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