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University Name De Montfort University
DMU Art and Design provides excellent opportunities to win awards and competitions, show your work at leading UK venues and ultimately go on to work with top international companies.

We offer over 22 art and design subjects, bright and well-appointed studios, high-quality teaching and workshops with support from industry professionals. Our strong links with industry create highly employable graduates, with many working at top companies such as Audi, Sega, Next, Reebok, Dyson, Habitat, Rubypink, H&M and Conran Design.

Tuition Fee 2009/10 standard fee for UG and PG range from:  £8500-£9500
Entry Requirement Ielts 6.0
UG programmes

Animation Design                                                                动漫设计
Architectural Design Technology + Production               建筑设计工艺和制作
Architecture                                           建筑学(建筑毕业生可以免考英国皇家建筑师协会RIBA第一阶段考试)
Foundation Studies in Art + Design Edexcel Diploma   艺术设计类预科
Clothing with Design                                                            服装设计
Contour Fashion    轮廓时装设计(是世界上唯一的有关内衣、泳装和表演运动装设计专业领域的学位课程)
Design Crafts                                                                         工艺品设计
Design for Performance                                                       表演设计
Design Management + Innovation                                     设计管理和创新
Design Products MDes                                                        设计产品MDes
Fashion Design                                                                      时装设计
Fashion + Contour Design                                                   时装和轮廓设计
Fashion Technology                                                              时装技术
Fashion Fabrics + Accessories                                           时装面料和配饰
Fine Art                                                                                      纯美术
Footwear Design                                                                    鞋类设计(是英国相关专业唯一的荣誉学士学位课程)
Furniture Design                                                                     家具设计
Game Art Design                                                                    游戏艺术设计
Graphic Design                                                                       平面设计
Graphic Design + Illustration                                                平面设计和插图
Graphic Design + Photography                                            平面设计和摄影
Graphic Design for Interactive Media                                  平面设计和互动传媒
Interior Design                                                                          室内设计
Photography + Video                                                               摄影和摄像
Product Design                                                                         产品设计
Product + Furniture Design                                                    产品和家具设计
Retail Buying (Fashion, Textiles)                                          零售采购(服装,面料)
Textile Design (Constructed, Mixed Media, Printed)          纺织品设计

研究生课程 (MA/MSc)

PG Programmes

Architectural Design                      建筑设计
Creative Technologies                 创意工艺
Design Entrepreneurship            设计管理和创业
Design Innovation                          设计创新
Fashion Bodywear                        内衣设计
Fine Art                                             纯美术
Photographic History and Practice    摄影历史和应用
Photography                                     摄影
Independent Study in Art and Design 艺术与设计研究
MPhil & PhD Research Degrees博士研究生学习
Degree Show 2009 Showcase Foundation Show 2009 Showcase
D+AD New Blood 2009 Showcase

New Designers 2009 Showcase

MA and Research Fine Art Show 2009 Showcase  更多作品集


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